Almost blinded myself taking this #sunset (at Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Day on the farm with the Okra Queen (at Montalbano Farms)

Best fair in IL… Maybe the best fair in the whole world #Mericafuckyeah (at Sandwich Fairgrounds)

Skies over #Wisco (at Kohler Park Dunes State Natural Area)


Clearing your mind and living in the moment isn’t about putting productivity on hold. You can be more profitable with less brain clutter.

If you are like me, you probably find yourself multitasking more, yet feeling like it really isn’t benefiting you. As a society, we’re stressing out about more and accomplishing less, adversely impacting both our mindsets and our productivity.

Most of us think of this as the new normal, and we’ve gotten used to juggling more. The begrudging acceptance of this attitude prevents companies from taking actions needed to keep workers focused and productive.

A stretched-thin, stressed-out workplace is not the workplace of the future. It falls on business managers to change this culture and promote focus and compassion—a concept making the rounds in workplace circles known as “mindfulness.” This is the technique of tuning out the noise and focusing deliberately on what is important.

Studies have found that mindfulness at work can increase engagement, productivity, innovation, and measurable business results. Here are three tips to increasing your mindfulness so that you cross tasks off your list and stress about them less.

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Richard Proenneke: The man who showed us how to be alone in the wilderness
For decades, Proenneke lived in a handmade cabin at Alaska’s Twin Lakes; his writings and films have left a legacy.

Flicks on the Bricks - Big Lebowski (at Titletown Brewing Company)

Blair Witch Project: Mark Tauscher edition

If there’s any benefit to pulling two all nighters in the office it’s gotta be the sunrise from my window (at Advance Economic Development)

Hope everyone had a great first day of summer (at Baird Creek Park)